Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

- Unknown

How has SoValTi helped change my thoughts, behaviors,
and beliefs about domestic violence?

"SoValTi has taught me that domestic violence is real and comes in different forms of violence. I have been able to recognize these conditions and how I have committed all 6 – verbal, physical, property, mental, sexual, and economic. There are no excuses. I have to be aware and responsible for my actions and how they affect me, my family, and friends. I now apply the 3-second rule in order to not react, but act appropriate."  -  A 32-year old client

"SoValTi has helped me with believing that there is another way to solve a problem, to stop and think, and count to 10. I have to put myself first." - A 28-year old client

"The DV groups have opened my eyes on my life, and unhealthy beliefs and behaviors. I’ve learned these behaviors are putting others in harms way, and I don’t have to be violent to communicate." A 32-year old client

"For me, SoValTi has been an integral part of my development by providing culturally specific understanding of the different forms of violence we as men subject women to. It has helped me identify character defects ingrained from my old belief systems and how to take absolute accountability and make the right choice when confronted with
adverse situations."

"I feel that you don’t have the right to hit anyone. You don’t own that person and that person has the right to be her own person. I believe that if you love yourself first, you can love someone else and make good choices – you need that in your life."

"To help my life. SoValTi has changed me to be a better, to work hard, play later and learn how to talk to people." -  A 34-year old client."

"It’s all about the choices you make when dealing with people, male or female."

"I just started the class, but I did pick up on self-control and taking responsibilities for my actions."

"SoValTi has changed my thoughts and beliefs by making me a better thinker and father. I think before I react and respect people for who they are and where they might come from. I understand that every choice has a consequence. "


As a result of participating in SoValTi, my family members, peers, associates, and/or PO say that I am:

"I am becoming a man and accountable for my behaviors."  - A 32-year old client

"That change is coming, and there isn’t anything wrong with participating in a program."  - A 28-year old client

"That I should have been in this class years’ ago. They see I’m not only saying it, I’m doing it. My attitude is positive and the way I talk to others with patience and understanding. Most of all people want to be around me now."  - A 32-year old client

"Before SoValTi, I had a very strained relationship with my PO. Since attending, now I have conversations about what DV is and ways it can be prevented."

"I have learned how to control my feelings and think about what I do before I do it. I understand the affect it has on my life and my family’s."  - A 39-year old client

"I’m a changed man in life, but it’s not done. I still don’t want to stop working to change and I continue to come for support and help. If you still need help, keep coming and get help. Believe in yourself and others will. Follow your steps."  - A 34-year old client

" I am dependable, motivated, hardworking, and strong minded."
"My family is proud of me for wanting to and making an effort to be a better man and spouse. " - 
A 22-year old client

"My peers say I’m more relaxed and less violent, and don’t make them feel uncomfortable at all. Since I’ve been coming to class, I’ve been an all-around better person. "