SoValTi believes a culturally skilled provider should meet the standards developed by the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Culturally skilled service providers:

1. Are actively in the process of becoming aware of their own assumptions about human behaviors, values, biases, preconceived notions, personal limitations, and so forth. They understand their own worldviews, how they are a product of their cultural conditioning, how it may be reflected in their counseling and work with racial and ethnic minorities. They avoid allowing biases, values, or “hang-ups” to interfere with their ability to work effectively with a client;

2. Actively understand the world view of their culturally diverse client without negative judgments. They understand and express the world views of their culturally diverse client with respect and appreciations. They don’t have to hold the world views as their own, but can accept them as a legitimate perspective; and

3. Are in the process of actively developing and practicing appropriate, relevant and sensitive intervention strategies and skills in working with culturally diverse clients.

These standards stress that becoming culturally skilled is an on-going, active, and conscious process. SoValTi is comprised of individuals who take these standards to heart and instinctively utilize them to provide truly culturally competent services to our clients and families.

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